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     Healthy  *  Stress Relief  *  Pain Relief  *  Relaxation

Research continues to prove the multiple health benefits of professional therapeutic touch. Many doctors and other health professionals recognize the extraordinary health benefits of therapeutic massage and recommend it for their patients.  Medical massage therapy is designed to help patients referred by their physician. 


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Massage Therapy Birmingham seeks to offer the best practice massage techniques for your overall health and well being.  


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The best massage will provide clients with relief from stress and pain, and quietly boost their immune system and level of overall health. Massage Therapy Birmingham is dedicated to creating the highest quality massage environment and best practice to leverage your potential and pleasure. Relief of stress through massage therapy is highly beneficial for increased immunological response, release of toxins and overall health.

We practice professional massage techniques in deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, relaxation massage, and therapeutic massage. Stretching and positional release techniques are also available, as well as techniques in Shiatsu and Thai massage.  Appointments available by scheduling: 248-225-2685.